When you sign up for Unitea there will be an option to sync either your Spotify or Apple Music streaming service. 

You must have a premium subscription to one of these services in order to stream music on Unitea. This is how artists get paid for song streams! 

You can only sync one of these streaming services at a time. 

Once you have synced your streaming service, you can search for your favorite artists. From their artist profile you can view and click their songs to listen. 

You can follow artists to add them to your library. You will also earn Karma for following them! 

Karma is what you earn for interacting with an artist!

You can earn Karma for an artist when you listen to their music, share their songs with your friends, follow them, and add them to your festival schedules on the Unitea app. 

You can use the Karma you’ve earned to redeem rewards from the artists. Rewards can be anything from merch, to concert tickets and exclusive experiences. 

A Crew is a group of people connected around artists and events on the Unitea app.

When you share music to a Crew, the song is added to a Crew playlist. If other people in the crew play the songs you shared, you will earn Karma. 

Join official festival Crews to get event information and connect with other fans before the show. 

Create your own Crews to share music, rewards, and events with your friends!

Join the Imagine Crew Chat in the Unitea app and Follow @uniteamusic on Instagram, Twitter, Threads and TikTok. 

Unitea is a hub for festival information. 

You can view festival lineups, find important event information, and check out festival rewards. 

You can also create a schedule for the sets you want to see. Adding artist to your schedule will give you Karma.

You can add a festival to your Backpack to save it, and let your friends know you are interested in going.

Join the festival Crew Chat to get event updates and connect with other people who are attending the show!

When you play a song, your friends and crews will appear beneath the music player.

Swipe to the person or Crew you want to share the song with, and click to share. 

You can also search and share songs directly  in the messenger from the music icon in the bottom right.

Please contact with a detailed description of the reward you redeemed, when you redeemed it, and the email associated with your Unitea account. 

Please reach out to and we can help with your questions.

Any of the keys you claimed have been pre-loaded into your Unitea wallet. In order to access them:

  • Create a Unitea account with the same email address you are receiving this message at.
  • Once your account is created, your NFT will automatically appear in your Unitea wallet in your user profile. 


Already have a Unitea account? You RULE. Make sure it’s attached to this same email, and that you have the most up to date version of the app installed. Your NFT will appear automatically in your wallet.

Yes! The Genesis Key NFTs can be claimed on Unitea by engaging with artists on the Imagine Music Festival Lineup. Create a Unitea account, and start earning Karma to redeem your Key and cash in on the perks at the 2023 event.

Join the Imagine Crew Chat in the Unitea app and Follow @uniteamusic on Instagram, Twitter, Threads and TikTok. 

Yes! There are 4 unique keys in the set, and collecting all 4 keys will unlock your ability to enter to win the Ulitmate Imagine Upgrade.

Yes, however you may not claim multiple perks per unique key.. For example, you would only receive one Amazonia key merch item, even if you owned multiple Amazonia keys. 

Please make sure you have the most updated version of the app installed and that you have signed up for Unitea with the same email address you used to claim your NFT.

There are 4 keys in the set. Each key will unlock:

  • a merch reward for the first 500 people who claim them 
  •  a chance to win experiences like:
    • A platinum ticket upgrade for your crew
    • Backstage tour 
    • Other drops & perks to be announced


Collect all 4 Keys and you’ll be entered to win the Ultimate Imagine Upgrade which includes:

  • VIP camping upgrade
  • Pre-party passes
  • Artist meetups
  • Imagine merch bundle
  • Side stage viewing + pit experiences
  • Be featured in the Imagine aftermovie 


Keep an eye out, we’ll be releasing more perks soon!

Currently, you cannot sell or trade NFTS in the Unitea app. You can, however, transfer your Imagine Genesis Key into your personal Web3 wallet. From your personal wallet you can treat it like any of your other NFTs.

Yes! Unitea is a custodial wallet. Once you have claimed your Genesis Key on Unitea you will have the option to copy it into your personal wallet as well. When you do this, the Key will still appear in your Unitea wallet. 

Yes, however you can only unlock the utilities and prizes associated with the Genesis Keys on site during Imagine Festival 2023.

Yes! There will be many artists involved in the Unitea x Imagine Genesis Key program. Be sure to join the Imagine Crew Chat in the Unitea app and Follow @uniteamusic on Instagram, Twitter, Threads and TikTok to stay up-to-date.

You must hold one of the Genesis Key NFTs to get the On-Site perks at Imagine 2023. We will be sending out additional information to all Genesis Key holders before the festival. Unitea will also have a booth on-site where you can learn more about your Unitea x Imagine Genesis Key Perks. 

Information regarding the perks and utilities available to platinum key and golden ticket holders will be released soon